Typical Client Challenges
  • A company, division or government unit that is struggling to reach the next level of success.
  • Organization results are not as good as desired, but the client is not sure why.
  • A management team that needs assessment and improvements.
  • New initiatives or big changes that need to happen quickly - but the client does not have the staff or leadership to do them.
  • A need to secure regulatory or legislative approvals for major new energy supply, transmission or conservation initiatives.
  • A desire to enter new markets, with a need to assess the concept viability and company ability to do so.
  • A sudden loss of leadership without prior succession planning or candidates.
How We Can Help
Schulte Associates has a broad range of executive capabilities to help our clients get things done, including:
  • Development of strategy, content and testimony for regulatory permitting of major electric supply, transmission or energy conservation projects.
  • Review and assessment of organizational operating performance.
  • Organizational development for new initiatives or enterprises.
  • Management assessment.
  • Strategy and business plan development and review.
  • Business process mapping and review.
  • Concept development and project management for new business initiatives.
  • Creation of strategic and operating alliances.
  • Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) services.
  • Recruitment and hiring of candidates for executive positions.
  • Development of management and corporate performance measures.
  • Standards development, product certification and operational auditing - Management/employee presentations about change.
SA does not sell software or big software integration projects. We help clients with the "meat and potatoes" strategy, management, teamwork, standards and performance issues that immediately affect organizational performance.