Our Clients Say

"When it comes to developing strategy, content and testimony for permitting large electric generation and transmission facilities, I had no idea that expert resources like Schulte Associates existed."
- Lead Permitting Attorney

"Following their strategic assessment of our organization, as Interim Chief Executive Officer SA got us on the right track immediately."
- Board Director, Public Power Agency

"SA's energy industry expertise and professionalism in their projects are top-notch."
- State Economic Development Director

"Schulte Associates was the best money we have ever spent in terms of improving our company's performance, and quickly."
- Venture Capital Investor

"SA developed a partnership business plan for our small company from scratch and helped us raise more than a million dollars with it in only four weeks."
- Environmental Company CEO

"Schulte Associates has a professional style that works very well with a wide variety of people. They gain trust quickly, and that helps them identify needed improvements in a hurry."
- Energy Company CEO

"SA develops and delivers terrific presentations about change for our directors, senior management and employees. They have the industry experience and a style of delivery that makes people sit up and agree - even when they are saying currently-unpopular things."
- Utility Executive